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What We Offer

Most importantly you ask, what will this cost me? Most companies who review royalties claim they don’t get paid unless you do! We believe billing should depend on the wishes of the client. Although we would gladly accept a 40 percent contingent fee, sometimes it only takes us a couple hours of work and we just don’t think this method is always fair to the customer. With that, we are proud to offer hourly rate pricing options. At Valley Mineral Management we will work with each client to find what billing method is best for you before we begin. 

Contact Valley Mineral Management today to discuss what is the best option for you.



Has someone offered to buy your minerals and you want to confirm the price is reasonable? Contact Valley Mineral Management. Do you need a mineral valuation for a court case (probate, divorce, business matter)? Valley Mineral Management can do that as well!


Are all the numbers on your Royalty statements causing confusion? Valley Mineral Management reviews previous royalty statements to confirm payments are correct. Not only will we find you any income not paid, but we will explain to you what everything on that statements means so you have an understanding as well!



The potential income from a new oil and gas lease can be a life changing event. Let Valley Mineral Management help negotiate your lease, not only so you receive the largest income from your minerals, but to make sure your interests are best protected. We work to protect both your pocketbook and your land!


Talk with Valley Mineral Management today about how you can best allocate your future income from royalty payments. High initial declines paired with an extremely volatile commodity price can make your payments much smaller than expected. Let Valley Mineral Management help you understand what to expect in the future. We offer partnerships with financial managers to help allow this future cash flow to work for you and even potentially hedge your royalty checks. Oil and gas companies hedge the price of their production all the time, why shouldn’t you be able to?



Let Valley Mineral Management review your monthly statements as they come in to confirm you are receiving what you are owed. Additionally, you’ll receive updates of future income projections to plan your future.


Do you have environmental concerns regarding  well-site operations or pipelines on your property? Let Valley Mineral Management see what can be done to help protect your property from further damage and mitigate previous damage.

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